Frequently Asked Questions - UN!TY FM

Akwaaba, listener. We hope, from this page, we can solve minor issues, get you connected back to UN!TY FM

 No! Being a Canadian, UN!TY FM is a divers Online Radio for both African and Caribbean-Canadian. UN!TY FM features shows in various popular or commonly used African languages and or, dialects including Swahili, French, English, Hausa, Yoruba,Lingala, Akan as well as Potois. While listening to UN!TY FM, you will be greeted, addressed, entertained and be made aware of important information in the mentioned languages.

We hope this idea can reunite you with your mother tongue or help polish it. Use this as an opportunity to test or refresh your knowledge and learn more vocabulary to be more a fluent speaker.

If you are asked any question on air as guest or a caller to an on going radio programme, please try your best and answer the question in the language or dialect in which it was asked. DO NOT BE SHY OF MISTAKES as we are all learning.

 Awwww, did we offend you in any way? Sorry in advance.Is this complain about a radio program, a particular presenter, a song or something you find in appropriate on our website?  Please contact Dreams Ghana Media immediately through the ABOUT US section. Give detail of the matter at hand. 

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