Frequently Asked Questions - UN!TY FM

Akwaaba, listener. We hope, from this page, we can solve minor issues, get you connected back to UN!TY FM

 Not at the moment. -- UN!TY FM is only available online and is accessible 24 hours.  You can listen to us live on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, android box, smart tv and smart mobile phone provided you have Internet connectivity.

Wait a munite! -- Does your car or surround sound system have Bluetooth connectivity? If yes, you can use your phone or tablet to connect with UN!TY FM then stream to your stereo system via Bluetooth. Is your car too old? haha! Dont worry, old is better too. You can connect your mobile phone or tablet device to your car's auxillary input using a short auxillary cord / wire


Yes! -- UN!TY FM has an app which allows listeners to stay tuned. The app is called and is available for download from iTunes, Blackberry World and Google's Play Store. Our app is FREE and shall remain FREE across all app stores. Please be vigellant upon downloading UN!TY FM app to avoid download of any malicious app to compromise your device.

Take note of our logo and the spelling of our radio name which is UN!TY/un!ty  and NOT UNITY / unity.  Our app DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR CREDIT CARD NOR BANK INFO.

Should our app fail to function, send us an email and we will follow up immediately. In the meantime, listen via tune-in app by searching for  

 There are four different ways to advertise with UN!TY FM to reach millions of audiences: Advertise on our WEBSITE, Radio APP, Radio Player or Voice Commercial through our live stream / broadcast at a very reasonable rates. Ananse Media is in charge of all graphic-related ads whereas Dreams Ghana Media handles all voice commercials.

You can consult either Ananse Media or Dreams Ghana Media for better ideas, ad sizes and available options. With 10 years of customer service experience, we can work with you to create a professional voice commercial, a business flyer or card to represent your product and services.

Your flye or voice commercial can be created in any language of your choice depending on your intended audience. All ads placed on UN!TY FM's website, and Radio App remains a property of their respective owners. UN!TY FM nor ANANSE MEDIA is responsible or liable to any part of the content of it. 

Dreams Ghana Media reserves the right to refuse, or reject advertisement that contains inappropriate language, nudity, racial or hateful message direct or indirect.

Akwaaba!...Welcome to You may click "ON AIR" which is floating on your left. You can also look above and click ON-AIR from the top menu then select any of the links there. A new window will popup (radio player) and by default, playback should start automatically. If not, PRESS PLAY BUTTON to initiate playback.

If you are using a mobile device such as a tablet or iPhone, we recommend using UN!TY FM APP for listening. Any of the URL links on this website will work fine on any device however, you might have to PRESS PLAY BUTTON to initiate connection. 

Please report any issue by sending us an email via our web site. Remember to state the type of device, model, and web browser used. If any, include the error message and which link you clicked to help our technical team to find the cause and a solution.


1. Check your volume level and make sure its not 0% or muted

2. If you are using a "powered" speaker set, please ensure it is turned on and that the wires are all intact.

3. Try playing a CD, or any mp3 file or play a video on your computer using your default player. You can also try another radio from another website and check if you hear any sound.

4. In case you hear a sound as you play a CD or listening to another source or sound via internet it could mean that UN!TY FM has technical issue and maybe under investigation at the moment. We might have lost power or access to Internet.


coming soon!

 UN!TY FM does not serve any purpose without the Community of General Public's involvement. I hope you strongly agree with me.

BY TELEPHONE. There are local numbers for our fellow Canadians within Toronto and the GTA. Same number if you are outside Canada. There will be a charge as it becomes an INTERNATIONAL CALL. Also available is a TOLL FREE number which allows our listeners WITHIN NORTH AMERICA TO CALL UN!TY FM AT NO COST. Numbers are usually announced on air.

BY EMAIL. Don't have working phone to call? No problem. You can voice your opinion or send your song request vial e-Mail by using the designated form made avail on our website. We have a security feature called ReCAPCHA which is  prevent bots and spam. You cannot send us your message until you pass the security check.

BY SOCIAL MEDIA. We are indeed Social Media Friendly. You can make a song request or contribute to a discussion through What's App or Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Either choice, your message is sent direct to the studio instantly. Due to number of call  or message volume, your request or opinion may be processed slower than expected. In such times, we encourage your patience


Coming soon!

UN!TY FM is accessible 24hrs on our official website which where you are at the moment. By looking at the top on our home page, you will find a FLASHING "ON AIR" icon that floats and follows along as you scroll down or up. Simply click on that to launch the customised player. Upon launch, radio begins play back automatically. This player is built using HTML which works across all web browsers that exist today. No plugin is required by your web browser. 

Besides "ON AIR" link, you can select one of the available links by click on ON AIR from our menu list at top of this page. You may also find UN!TY FM link on other websites such as as UN!TY FM or